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Who we are

Windranger is a product lab working on the BitDAO ecosystem, and other Web3 projects (protocols, DeFi, etc.). You can read more about us here: https://docs.windranger.io/

We’re looking for the next generation of leaders and doers who have a passion for crypto and are looking to influence the future of Web3. If you value a flexible work environment that’s low ego and is focused on pragmatism over perfection, then keep on scrolling.

What did we miss?

If you didn’t see a posting that suited you, don’t worry, not every role we hire will come from a pre-defined job description. We’re always excited to hear about builders that will help us create better products and contribute to the success of the Web3 ecosystem.

As a builder you…

care about decentralization and want to contribute to permissionless and borderless finance at scale

believe DeFi will become a trillion dollar industry

want to co-develop with top DeFi talent and projects


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