Smart Contract Engineer at Risk Labs

UMA Purpose: UMA is the canonical source of truth that blockchains use to verify real world data.

UMA Vision: UMA enables any verifiable truth to be recorded on-chain, trustlessly.

Who is Risk Labs?

Risk Labs is the foundation and core team behind UMA, and some top tier products built with it such as oSnap, Oval, and the Across protocol . The Risk Labs team, operates as one cohesive (amazing!) culture, but focuses on two core protocols, UMA and Across. UMA and Across are decentralized protocols governed by community members across the globe in DAOs, and are supported by Risk Labs Foundation. UMA’s optimistic oracle (OO) can record any verifiable truth or data onto a blockchain. Across is leading the future of interoperability with its frontier intents based architecture.

Where do you fit in?

We’re looking for a Jr. Smart Contract Engineer to join the UMA protocol team. You, alongside top tier talent, would be working on the core Optimistic Or

Apply now and work remotely at Risk Labs