Senior Frontend Engineer at Staking Rewards

If you haven’t heard of us

Staking Rewards is on a mission. Agency is the strategy, passive income from Crypto is one of our tactics in this strategy. We’re building tools, platforms and products to help you, ourselves and others to achieve an impactful level of control over their income and help to improve the quality of their investment decisions.

We serve different kinds of stakeholders, investors, analysts and crypto community members worldwide. The narrative we’re always pushing is Agency. We want you to be in control. ​​This is why we’re on a mission to increase transparency, reduce entry barriers and enable everyone to become financially independent. We make staking easy & accessible.

Let’s cut to the chase, Staking Rewards is a close-knit team, 20 some members all working remotely, all over the world. Working here means you pick your own timezone, you pick your own vacation days, have as many of them as you see fit, get compensated well, feel comfor

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