Rust Engineer at Abstract Money

Abstract Money is a vertically-integrated application platform, built to re-invent how decentralized applications are built, deployed, and experienced. Our mission is to simplify multi-chain application development and break down unnecessary barriers without sacrificing the decentralized ethos of Web3. By leveraging Abstract, developers can easily collaborate and scale their applications to the entire IBC ecosystem, made discoverable with a unified platform for end-users.

For Developers:

We’re developers, and we streamline the development and distribution of interchain applications from ideation to launch. Our values? Collaboration, convention, and modularity. Our tooling includes a full-stack CosmWasm framework, on-chain application-management infrastructure, a developer console, and Abstract Accounts, our modular smart-contract wallet.

The Role

We are looking for a Rust engineer who will help architect and develop the smart-contract infrastructur

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