Robotics DePIN Co Founder CTO at Peaq Network

The role and a bit about us

This stealth mode robotics venture is not your typical startup. We have been laying the infrastructure for this project for over two years and have a working PoC. Stemming from EoT Labs (the team behind the development of the peaq blockchain),our mission is clear: to create innovative solutions for the autonomous robot industry. Our goal is to build a platform that empowers individuals amid job automation by offering the opportunity to earn real yield and passive income from autonomous machines. By democratizing the machine economy and championing transparency and accessibility, we envision a future where machines become investable assets for everyone. We are seeking a CTO and co-founder to join our team and contribute to building and scaling the company.

You’ll be joining a team of hungry entrepreneurs, visionaries, engineers, and creatives, driven by the opportunity to have a real-world impact. We’re experience-oriented, performance driven, and

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