Quantitative Researcher at Chorus One

Chorus One is the largest cryptocurrency staking provider in Europe, operating nodes on over 50 networks. Our infrastructure presently supports around $3,5bn in delegations.

We operate a leading research department; next to regular and popular updates (e.g. our “Quarterly Insights”), we deliver deep technical research on topics such as MEV, staking derivatives, and emerging networks.

Recent examples includes:

Timing games & the cost of artificial latency: The cost of artificial latency in the PBS context

MEV mitigation on dYdX v4: MEV on the dYdX v4 chain

We are seeking a Quantitative Researcher to join our fully remote team and contribute to projects including the optimization of our validator operations on diverse networks, and deep research.

This is an exciting chance to work with and learn from an small, exceptional team with an established footprint in the s

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