Protocol Researcher at Scroll

We are looking for a Protocol Researcher to join our growing and world class research team. Building a truly secure, scalable, and decentralized zero-knowledge rollup requires considerable research work, including solving many open problems around protocol mechanism and design.

Your day-to-day work as a researcher at Scroll will involve conducting research on Ethereum and layer 2 design. This research will need to cover a very large scope including rollup economics, state growth, EVM, MEV, PBS, AA, Layer 3, etc. We are looking for somebody with a deep understanding of protocol research as well as basic coding ability, who can directly contribute to research whilst leading and building a team of other world class researchers.

About Scroll…

Scroll is building an open source, bytecode level compatible zkEVM layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Our mission is to scale Ethereum while maintaining our values of credible neutrality, openness, and execution.

Duties and Responsibilities

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