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About Esteam AI

Esteam is on a mission to transform children’s literacy, combining AI and speech recognition technologies to devise revolutionary methods of assessing and enhancing children’s reading skills. In the face of the prolonged literacy crisis, where over 65% of 4th graders have been consistently reading below proficiency levels for two decades, our focus is to fuel change. We strive to create innovative, intuitive products that uplift both learners and educators, enabling personalized, engaging, and accessible education for all. We envision a future where literacy rates are on a sustained rise, and every child can confidently navigate the world of words, empowered by the transformative power of education. This is more than our mission - it’s our commitment to every learner and educator we serve.

Esteam is supported by the AI Fund based in Palo Alto, California. The AI Fund is a team of diligent innovators who build great companies that move humanity forward by acc

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