Chief Sales Officer at Neco Finance

Neco Finance is looking for an experienced Chief Sales Officer to join our executive board, with the objective of growing the Neco Treasury, creating a sustainable Neco community, building brand awareness and increasing adoption of the Neco token. This challenging role requires advanced skills in sales, business development, fundraising, team leadership, networking, as well as a high level of responsibility, reliability, professionalism, expertise, and discipline.

Work with a team of champions on an ambitious crypto project (Blockchain) with social and environmental impact, dedicated to serving the greater good. As a partner (freelance) in our decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) without hierarchies, you take over full accountability for your roles and actions. We offer remote work, flexible time management and performance-based payment in crypto (Neco). Join us and earn a reputation for contributing to our vision of a sustainable financial system that serves the people a

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