Blockchain Rust Engineer at Trust Wallet

Company Description

Trust Wallet is the world’s most inclusive, chain-agnostic, self-custody wallet that serves tens of millions users globally. Trust Wallet provides a secure, seamless and intuitive gateway to the crypto and NFT ecosystems. Our users are able to send, receive, stake, mint and store across 4.5+ million cryptocurrencies on 66+ blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, etc. Our developer community of different projects relies on us to reach millions of their users, build their own wallets, and grow crypto adoption.

Job Description

As a Blockchain Rust Engineer, you’ll join a highly autonomous team of engineers dedicated to expanding the capabilities of our Wallet Core library, an open-sourced, cross-platform library implementing low-level cryptographic wallet functionality for a high number of blockchains in a succinct way. Your contributions will directly impact the ease with which developers integrate blockchain tech

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